Sunday, July 30, 2006

Taking Care Of Your Parakeet

I will give more recommendations, and techniques to how I personally tame and care for my Parakeets, but today I want to post a book, that I think would be great for those that are thinking about buying a Parakeet or just bought one. Taking care of a pet bird can be alot of hard work, but it can also learn you the responsibility of taking care of a living creature. Parakeets are living creatures, regardless of the price they cost, they still need to be provided for and taking care of properly.

To many people get these birds without realizing the responsibilty they are taking on, and then neglecting the birds, when they realize it. If I could raise Parakeets and put them in only responsible peoples care, that would be great for these birds that are neglected and end up dieing from not being taking care of, but there's no way I can do that, but I think teaching people who wants to be responsible, is just as good.

Taking Care Of Your Parakeet


By Helen Piers

Owning a parakeet can be a challenge for a child, but also a lot of fun! What kind of food does it like, and how much should it be fed? How do you keep a parakeet happy-and what do you do if it seems ill?

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