Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sand Perches For Parakeets

I bought some sand perches a while back for my Parakeets to see if it would help keep their beaks and toe nails trimmed and they work very well. Your birds beak and toe nails will need trimming as they get older, and these sand perches are a very inexpensive way to keep your Parakeets well groomed.

You can also get a cuddle bone I mentioned in an earlier post to help keep your birds beaks trimmed.

My last 3 Parakeets are still real young and their toe nails are not very long, but they still love to rub their beaks over the sand perches to keep them shinny and trimmed.

I think buying these sand perches are alot better than trimming the toe nails and beaks myself. I can trim their toe nails and beaks, but they love to get very sqirmmy in my hands, and that can cause a mistake, so I looked for a better way to keep my Parakeets groomed. With the closet Avian Vet 2 hours away, I've had to learn to do the grooming stuff myself, but note: If my birds get sick, I don't hesitate to get them to the Doctor.

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