Monday, August 07, 2006

My New Parakeets

My new Parakeets have finally got into the routine with my other birds. When I first let the new birds spend time with my other birds, they were accepted, but they didn't understand where the food and water was next to the playgym. I was always having to put them in and out of the cage to eat and get some water to drink, but today they saw my other Parakeets eating and they went to see what they were pecking at. When they got next to the seed dish, they decided to try it also. Well they now know where the food and water is, so now I can let them stay out the whole time my other 4 is out.

The way I got my room set up for the birds to keep from having a mess to clean up, is I have 2 playgyms I built, one small, and one large. I have an eating section made onto the big playgym, with plastic mesh. I put newspaper under the playgyms, so everything drops on newspaper. This works out great! My new Parakeets are kinda messy, so setting the room up like this has been a big help.

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