Friday, August 11, 2006

My Parakeets PVC Playgyms

I finally got new batteries for my Digital Camera, but for some reason the batteries will not hold a charge very long. They did stay charged long enough to get a couple of pics of 2 of my Parakeets PVC Playgyms.

This pic is not a very good pic, but you can see the unfinished playstand I'm building for my Parakeets. Before I got finished with it, they were already wanting to play on it. I let them sit on it for a few minutes, and now can't keep them off of it to get it finished, but I will post an finished pic of it soon.

Parakeet PVC PlayStand

Full Size Pic of PVC Playstand
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This next pic, is a small playgym I built for my Parakeets, which did have a rope toy, and ladder, but the ladder got broke and the rope toy wore out. Either way the playgym isn't very small, it's 30 inches long, 16 inches tall, 13 inches deep. I line the bottom of the playgym with paper towels, and have it setting on old table chairs. I put plain black and white news paper under the chairs to keep mess off the floor. I use a water bowl to put their water in, and a small plate to put their seeds in. In the small resized pick you can't really see my Parakeets in the pic, but you can see them in the full size pic.

Small PVC Playgym

Full Size Pic of Playgym and MyParakeets
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Blogger Joe said ... (2:40 PM) : 

Nice work. I purchased a great playstand from Cages By Design. They have the neatest bird supplies. Their birdcages are also dynamic—the best quality I’ve ever seen. What intrigued me most was the intricate detail and design that goes into each large birdcage and avairy.


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