Friday, August 18, 2006

Parakeet Seeds

Over the past several days I been trying my Parakeets on a new brand of wild birds parakeets seeds. These seeds have vegetables and fruits, things Parakeets need. I have only 1 bird that gets choked on some big stuff that comes in alot of seeds and I'm leaving him on the Hartz Seeds. I did give him alittle of this new wild bird parakeet seeds and he seemed to beable to eat it real good, but he seems to perfer the hartz seeds the best, where my other 5 like the new seeds. This wild birds parakeets seed isn't expensive, I paid just alittle over $2 for a 2lb bag, which isn't bad.

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Blogger kirei913 said ... (8:33 PM) : 

You have to slowly mix the new seed in with the one they are use to. Just add more of the new seed gradually and you can get him on the new stuff. Is their something wrong with his beak to prevent him from eating the other stuff? I go to a feed store and get an enriched parakeet seed and they love that, and I give mine millet and fresh green romaine lettuce and grated carrot. They are all very healthy and not too fat. I have a large enough cage for them all to fly in, really important they can move about so they do not get too fat.I must be doing something right no sick birds and babies, babies ,babies. I have 20 birds and more eggs in a nest.


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