Sunday, July 30, 2006

Taking Care Of Your Parakeet

I will give more recommendations, and techniques to how I personally tame and care for my Parakeets, but today I want to post a book, that I think would be great for those that are thinking about buying a Parakeet or just bought one. Taking care of a pet bird can be alot of hard work, but it can also learn you the responsibility of taking care of a living creature. Parakeets are living creatures, regardless of the price they cost, they still need to be provided for and taking care of properly.

To many people get these birds without realizing the responsibilty they are taking on, and then neglecting the birds, when they realize it. If I could raise Parakeets and put them in only responsible peoples care, that would be great for these birds that are neglected and end up dieing from not being taking care of, but there's no way I can do that, but I think teaching people who wants to be responsible, is just as good.

Taking Care Of Your Parakeet


By Helen Piers

Owning a parakeet can be a challenge for a child, but also a lot of fun! What kind of food does it like, and how much should it be fed? How do you keep a parakeet happy-and what do you do if it seems ill?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Parakeet and Sunlight

It's a good idea to take your Parakeets outside in their cage of course to get some sunlight. Birds need so much sunlight to stay healthy. You can get a spray bottle and add some cool water, and spray them when they seem to be hot. I mist my Parakeets every other day, to keep their feathers shiny and to keep them from getting an odor.

My birds gets very excited when they go outside, expecially when they hear all the other birds chirping. Take your birds outside a couple times a week to get them enough sunlight. Stay near them, so you can be sure no bugs or insects are biting them. Some bugs and insects could be harmful to your Parakeets, and you don't want them to get sick.

I know alot of people might like Preminum Multi Drops and some might not. I personally have used them to help treat my birds when they get sick. You can find those drops at your local Wal Mart incase your birds start acting strange for any reason. Note: This is just a personal recommendation. I'm no Avain Doctor, so I can't guarantee these drops will work for your Parkeets. The best thing you can do if one of your birds get sick, is go see an Avian Vet in your area.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update On New Parakeets

I decided to go ahead and let my 2 new Parakeets meet my other 4 last night. They wasn't very welcomed by my other birds, but after a few hours of them all being out, they seemed to get along pretty well. The way my birds are... They will want you to spend time with them while they are in their cage, or just letting them out one by one, but once they all get out, they know that's their playing time and they only want to spend time with their other bird friends. Well my new Parakeets have fit right in with them now. I cut some music on for them, put seeds and water out, and let them play on their playgym...They sounds like the happiest birds alive.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Toys For Your Parakeet

I wanted to write about this subject since it's important to give your Parakeets things to play with. A mirror in a cage is a big plus. Cage mirrors are very inexpensive...there are some at Wal Mart in my area for 86 cents. Next hanging toys. My birds loves to play with there hanging balls, hanging wooden toys with bells. There are alot of types of hanging toys to choose from, ranging in all different prices. Swings...Most cages come with a swing, but if your cage did not, look around and find your bird a swing. They are very inexpensive, and seeing your bird enjoy swinging will be worth it.

You can also find treats hanging toys. They are bird treats with like a bell or other type of toy mounted to it. I bought my Parakeets one and they eat alittle, but really enjoy playing with it. Cuttle Bone is very inexpensive bone that hangs on the inside of the cage, and it's good for their health. Mine nibbles on there's, but enjoy's playing with it.

Perches...Perches would not be considered a toy, but if you get your Parakeets a rope perch which feels good on their feet, and something to chew on, they'll love it. Rope perches are washable, and very durable.

Playgyms and playstands...Playgyms are pretty inexpensive, and the birds really enjoy their out of cage time on a playgym. Most playgyms are small, but still fun to the birds. Playstands are taller stands which the birds can jump from perch to perch. Most playstands I have seen online are rather expensive, but you can find a great deal here and there. I build playgyms and playstands and will post some pics of a few I've built as soon as I get batteries for my digital camera. I build them out of PVC Pipe, and they turn out amazing once finished. I've always been very good with my hands, and can build and fix anything I want. Take your time and build your Parakeet or other types of birds a playgym and playstand. They a fairly easy to build and fun.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Feeding Your Parakeet

The most important thing to taking care of your Parakeet is always keeping feed in his feeder and fresh water in his water feeder. I know everyone knows that, but it still worth mentioning here anyways. I've tried several types of seeds to see which type my Parakeets like best, and mine likes the Hartz Seeds. I've tried the preminum Seeds, Sun Seeds, Wild Bird Parakeet Seeds, High Country Blends. You might have to try different type to see which brand your birds perfer.

The next thing, is try to get your Parakeets to eat pellets, since all seeds is not a very good diet for them. I've been working on getting mine to eat the Zupreem Garden Goodness. It smells great, but they don't seem to want to like it, but I'm still going to keep offering it to them.

Also try to get your birds to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Mine will eat bananas and broccoli, but that's about it. This can be a hard task to get your birds to try new types of food other than seeds.

Give your birds a treat when they have been good. I give my Parakeets millet spray. I will also hang a Hartz Bird Treat in there cage from time to time, also I will take and cut a banana in half, poke a hole through the side, run a piece of string through the hole, then press seeds into the banana and then hang it in their cage. Mine will tear it up, the love it.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Parakeet Update

It has now been 6 days since I got my last 2 Parakeets and they are doing great. I had one that was kinda scared for several days, but with some time spent building trust, he seems to be doing great now.

The things I do on a daily basis for all my Parakeets, is when I get them up, I let them out of the cage, so they can all have fun together on their play gym. I built them a play gym since I'm very good at building things, and they love it. I always keep fresh water and seeds near the play gym, so if they get hungry or thirsty it's there. I normally let them stay out all day, some times I let them stay out for the whole time I'm up, depends on how good they have been.

I give them a treat if they have been good, most time alittle millet spray. Doing little things to keep your Parakeets happy will go along ways with them.

Oh, I gave 1 of my Parakeets to one my friends, since she loves birds alot, and I know she will be taking very good care of.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Parakeets

I bought 2 new Parakeets yesterday. They are both babies, both with black beaks, one is yellow, and the other one green. These are 2 great birds. I'll keep a check on them away from my other 5 for about a month to see how they do. They are alittle scared right now, but have made alot of progress since I brought them home.

I decided to buy these birds since they needed a good home, and having alot of room for birds, I got them. I'll keep a progress update on these 2 new Parakeets and see how they do around my other ones next month. I'll also work on getting some pics of these new birds and a pic of all 7 of them soon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Parakeet Cages

I have found that most of the small bird cages are really to small for a parakeet. Shopping around on the best price for a big cage, will make your birds happy, since it gives them room to flap their wings or maybe even fly some. I have a real big cage for 3 of my birds, and they love it, and I have it filled with toys.

When I bought my Parakeets I bought them for the wrong reason and really never thought much about big cages or other things to make these little birds happy. I bought them to breed them and sell the baby's. It wasn't long after taking care of these little birds, that I started seeing them as great pets, and wanted to give them a great home. I no longer want to breed them, since there are so many risk of the female or baby's dieing.

I think to many people might think like I use to and buy these pet Parakeets as breeding machines, and if that's your reason, make sure you have the funds to have your birds treated just in case something goes wrong.

Another thing I do, is let my Parakeets out for most of the day. They are out for around 8 hours a day playing on a bird playground in a spare room. I put a bowl of seeds and a dish full of water, and turn the radio on and let them play. They are no trouble and they enjoy it. After your birds get tamed down, let them out, so they can stretch their legs and flap their wings. Your birds will love you for it.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Parakeet Toys and Hand Taming

I remember when I bought my first pair of Parakeets. I bought the pair of colorful birds and a cage. I thought being a first time bird owner, these Parakeets would be happy with an empty cage, seeds and a good home. Well maybe they wouldn't unhappy, but I decided a few days after buying these feathered pets, to go and see what type of toys they had for cages and wow was I suprised. I ended up buying a mirror for my new pets and the reaction I got by adding this mirror was great. These little birds love to look at their selves in the mirror. As I mention in an earlier post, I have 5 parakeets now and 3 cages. I have a bird a piece in 2 of the cages and 3 birds in the other cage. I have spent some money buying them toys to play with when I'm not around them. They each have mirrors, rope perches, bell toys, hanging balls, hanging treats, but over all there favorite toy is the mirror.

A great treats these birds love is millet spray, which isn't very expensive, and it makes it easier to get your new Parakeet to trust you. The way I got my birds to trust me, was I set the back of the cage as close to a wall as possible, and would take my hand and touched the side of the cage. They might run, or go crazy when you do this, but it's because they are scared. Also when you are giving them seeds and water, take your hand palm up and set it on the top perch near them. You have to be patient, taming your new Parakeet can take a while. Sit near the cage and talk to them each day, and play them music, they love music. Each Day take your finger, if they have learned to trust your hand, and press gently on their stomach, just in front of the legs and see if they will finger perch.

It took me a few weeks to get 4 of my Parakeets to finger perch, but my last one I got 3 weeks ago fingered perched the same day, and is a very tamed bird. Take your time, keep your birds cage cleaned, seeds for them to eat, water to drink, and your birds will be our new best friend before you know it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Before Buying Your Parakeet

Before buying your new pet, you will need to decide on a good location in your home to place your Parakeet. The location you choose, should be where you and your family spends most of your time when inside. Example: Family Room, Den. Don't put your Parakeet in the kitchen or bath room. The kitchen has harmful fumes for birds while cooking. Bath Room, has harmful chemicles, so keep your pet from these areas.

Also before going bird shopping, you should realize Parakeets get sick just like we do, and needs to be seen by an Avian Vet to be treated. I know these birds are inexpensive, but they are a living creature and should be treated as part of your family. So check in the yellow pages and see if there's an Avian Vet within driving distance from you.

Last you will need to decide if you want 1 Parakeet or a pair or more. If you choose just 1 Parakeet, you will end up with a best friend, who will want alot of attention from you. These birds get lonely, so if you choose just 1, spend time with him/her, so he doesn't feel lonely. If you don't have much time to spend with your new pet, then getting a pair would be the best bet, so they don't get lonely.

After deciding the things above, you are ready to go Parakeet shopping. From my own experience, I have found the Green Parakeets to be the easiest to tame. I have a White, a blue, a yellow, a purple, and a green parakeet. They each have different attitudes, and they will entertain you for hours. My white bird is more of the wild type, but more energetic of the five. There are many variety of colors to choose from, and I'm sure the one you choose will entertain you each and everyday.

Next post we will talk about toys for the cage, food and a little about hand taming.
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